Our Story

Total Precision was founded in 1997 by Gary Clayton, in partnership with the co-owners of ANCA, Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey, as a machine shop capable of producing high-quality parts for ANCA CNC Machines and other external customers.

Over time, Total Precision expanded its market to service a wide range of industries and clients.

Privately-owned Australian company established in 1997

Experienced and flexible workforce with a diverse skill set

Digital design, CNC machining and, manual tooling expertise


Our business ethos

We’re driven by our values. We aspire to be trusted, to cultivate and share our experience, and focus on accuracy in all that we do. These attitudes are deeply ingrained in our team, which has earned us the confidence of our customers. .

Test our metal: we’ve got the heart and staying power when it comes to your CNC machining needs. That makes us the ideal business partner.

Benefit from qualified advice & project management

The Total Precision team are all fully-qualified tradespeople that are able to program, set, and operate all of the machines on our shop floor. Better yet, we keep our customers informed and manage workflows with efficiency to ensure we satisfy your requirements and meet deadlines.

Our staff brings diverse and in-depth experience to the design and manufacture of your parts and products, in addition to their technical skill. Bounce ideas off our talented machinists if you need advice-we’re ready and eager to help you achieve the best outcome.

We collaborate with you to understand your needs, then combine next-generation technology with proven manufacturing processes and a lean, cost-effective approach.


Gary Clayton Managing Director and Lead Machinist

Before Total Precision, Gary was a machinist and Production Manager for ANCA CNC Machines. For 10 years Gary undertook and oversaw the machining, metrology and assembly of ANCA’s world class tool grinding machines.


Steve Thomson Planning and Purchasing Manager

Steve has been with Total Precision since 2008 and is instrumental in the smooth operation and excellent delivery performance the business continually produces.

Tom has worked in the metal working, manufacturing and fabrication industry since early 2011 and fully understands the importance of affordable on-time delivery, quality products and exceptional customer service.


Luke Orton Senior Production Manager

Luke has been with Total Precision since starting this apprenticeship in 1998. He is now an integral part of the production and planning team and takes an active role in mentoring the next generation of precision machinists.

Luke Orton

We love to make metal work

We’re proud of our modern machine shop and the number of CNC machines on hand, which ensures we can meet a broader range of manufacturing requirements. Plus, we've a number of manually-operated machines including grinders, lathes, and mills. This gives us the flexibility to complete a range of tasks that don’t require computer programming, and turn around simpler projects in a cost-effective fashion for our customers as needed.

Total Precision also has metrology capabilities to substantiate proof of accurate measuring of specifications.

Ready to test our metal?

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